Westport To Leenane

Westport To Leenane/Leenaun Cycle Route

Please note :- We are not responsible for the accuracy of these routes, they are but a rough guide as road conditions can change and diversions occur at anytime.

Three very different routes that you can cycle in one day or less from Westport To Leenane.

Some parts of these routes can be very physical and some parts are used in competitions because of this so if you need to walk part of the route please allow time for this.

Weather conditions can sometimes be changeable and extreme (sometimes hostile) so please take protective clothing as in most places there are no rest amenities as the countryside is very wild, open and mountainous in parts.

Also you are using public roads which can be very remote. So take high visibility waterproof clothing, some refreshments and suitable lighting.

Please be aware that if ever you needed assistance or medical treatment on these routes, depending where you are any help may take some time coming due to the remoteness of the areas.  So please be responsible and make sure you have adequate clothing and a mobile phone.

Just be prepared !

Route 1. Westport to Leenane direct straight down the Leenane road.

The direct route is to head straight down the Leenane road from Westport which is fairly level and a distance of 32.5km with one long slowly rising part of the road and just one medium shortish hill climb near Leenane. This is a main road which sometimes has fast moving vehicles, but would never be described as very busy. You can expect to encounter trucks and coaches occasionally along parts of this route.

It is a 100kph/60mph speed limit road so please be aware of this !

The scenery is very wild, changeable and becomes mountainous when nearing the end of the journey. Any traffic is fairly light and the roads are good. There are no refreshments after leaving the Westport area until almost half way, where there is a roadside country public house. Then there is nothing until almost in Leenane.

Route 2. Westport to Louisburgh, then through the Delphi valley, then to Leenane.

It has to be noted that on windy days this can affect how hard or easy this route can be cycled and is better in good weather conditions.

This is the longest route which takes you from Westport to Louisbourgh then to Leenane and is 53km

From Westport to Louisburgh (one mainly coastal road) you will be traveling alongside the sea under Croagh Patrick where the road is hilly in parts with long slight rises and falls, but in the main fairly level and the traffic is occasionally moderate and the road is good.

From Westport to Murrisk which is underneath Croagh Patrick you will be able to ride along the Greenway extention. This is alongside the road from Westport to Murrisk. After Murrisk to Louisburgh you will now be cycling back on the coastal road.

In Westport follow the signs for Louisburgh at the top of the town and you will end up on the West road entering next to the bridge and stay on this road straight in to Louisburgh. (Approx 21.5 km).

When reaching Louisburgh, go straight through the village until you go over the metal bridge and then turn left towards Leenane, (Approx 31 km). Do not turn left before this as other sign posts along other roads are sometimes easily missed and the road after the bridge is a direct one.

After leaving Louisburgh the roads become more rural, winding and slowly climbing and dropping over long distances with some short steeper rises.  The scenery is totally wild and mountainous.  Please note you will encounter sheep on this road which takes you past Doo lough, where the road climbs moderately before travelling alongside Killary harbour, which you will travel alongside.  The road now goes down with Leenane and the Killary harbour to your right until you meet a road “T” junction just past Aashleigh Falls.  (From Louisburgh to Leenane – this part of the journey may suit good weather conditions and subject to wild weather in winter months.)

Here you turn right, go past the pub where there is the medium shortish hill climb before riding down hill in to Leenane village.

There are no refreshments facilities after entering the Delphi valley until just outside Leenane village.

Route 3. Westport to Drummin over Sheefry to Delphi valley (Doo Lough), then to Leenane.

It should be noted that this route is better in good weather conditions.

The Westport To Sheefry part of this route (approx half way) is the most strenuous and the total distance is a distance of 44km.

Travel down the Leenane road to Liscarney a distance of 9.5km. This is a main road which sometimes has fast moving vehicles.

Then at Liscarney turn right, there is a short climb here and head down along the road towards Sheefry/Drummin (sign posted) where the road becomes rural through wild countryside with light traffic. The roads from now on can be narrow and winding so please allow for this if meeting local traffic en-route.

When nearing Drummin on this road do not turn off this road or go towards Drummin village. Instead stay on this road and head towards Sheefry. The terrain now becomes very mountainous and after a distance of approx 20km from Liscarney, the road will climb extremely steeply alongside a mountain for a distance of approx 2 km.

The scenery is stunning if the weather is clear but if cloudy this area can be wet, Now at the top of this climb the road descends extremely steeply down through a valley between 2 sets of mountains and exits at Doo lough. The road is of fair quality, occasionally pot holes in winter with hardly any traffic except for sheep, usually big Rams which will not care for you and sometimes just cross in front of you, or simply not move out of your way …. so be warned.

Turn left here and head for Leenane where the road will climb moderately and exit out alongside Killary Harbour which you will travel alongside and the road now goes down with Leenane and the Killary harbour to your right until you meet a road “T” junction just past Aashleigh Falls.

Here you turn right, go past the pub (the first in Connemara) where there is the medium shortish hill climb before riding down hill to Leenane village.

There are no refreshment facilities after leaving Westport until you reach Drummin village where there is a country public house in the village.  Then no facilities after Drummin until you are just outside Leenane village which is a long  physical trek.