Westport To Achill Greenway

Our Exceptional Bicycle Hire Service.

Q:  Is the Shuttlebus free?

A:  No usually there is a small charge for the drop-off and collection of our bikes (depending on party size) but our customers do travel free of charge.

Sometimes the shuttlebus may be free ….. depending how big your party is which is why we agree terms with you at time of bike hire.  We have special bike hire party deals !

We can transport and pick up you/and/or your bikes at whatever point of your journey you require as long as it is discussed/agreed and pre-booked before your journey begins.  Anything else is subject to availability.

Q:  Do you supply helmets and other gear for the bicycle hire?

A:  Yes we supply everything that you need for a normal bike hire and this is included in the price, but items such as snack bars are available to purchase in our shop or there is a fully equipped service station just a few meters away.

Q:  Is the car parking free at Westport Bike Shop?

A:  Yes totally free of any parking charges !

We are the only bike hire business in Westport to have ample free car parking and you can leave your vehicle here overnight or as long as you wish (by prior arrangement). Our car park is behind 7ft concrete walls and behind a steel padlocked gate.

But please be aware we are not responsible for the safety of your vehicle and contents whilst in our car park. Parking here is at your own risk.

Also note that Westport is a very busy tourist town most of the year now and parking can be troublesome and costly on peak days, so our free facility is essential if you plan to park for a few hours or more during your bike hire period. Westport is also patrolled by traffic wardens so our free parking facility is priceless.

Q:  What if the bikes need adjusting to fit our size?

A:  We do not send customers away from our hire depot before the bikes have been fully adjusted to your needs and you are completely happy and this is totally free of charge. Also we have a very large off road tarmaced car park where you can try out your hire bike before venturing out. We are the only bike hire service in Westport to have this off road facility.

Q:  Can we hire your bikes overnight?

A:  Yes of course and if you require to hire bikes at any other time other than 9 am to 6 pm then please ask and we will do our very best to accommodate as we are very flexible.

Q:  What happens if I have a puncture or something goes wrong with the bike?

A:  We offer a free breakdown/roadside recovery service. Mechanical problems with our hire bikes are rare because they are serviced and checked on every return but unfortunately punctures do happen. So in the event of any problem with our hire bikes we will ship you out a replacement bike or fix the problem (if minor). ASAP, so you can then continue on your cycle ride.

The Greenway

Q:  How long does it take to cycle this route?

A:  It all depends on your fitness levels and what kind of day you are planning. From Westport to Achill could take all day but also could be done in 4 hours or less. So an approximate time breakdown would be something like this :-

Westport to Newport = 40 mins – 1 hour.

Newport to Mulranny = 1.5 hours – 2.5 hours.

Mulranny to Achill 1 hour – 1.5 hours.

Does the Greenway get very busy?

At peak times there could be hundreds of people on the Greenway but because of it’s length you would never see most of them, and because people are completing their journey in a few hours or less, the Greenway always has that empty feel about it.

Q:  Is the route level and well surfaced?

A:  The Great Western Greenway is exceptionally well maintained and not at all strenuous to cycle. So a great cycling route for all the family.  It is a fairly smooth gravel track off road most of the way.

Q:  Are there cars on the Greenway?

A:  Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the Greenway at anytime.

The only times you will come in to contact with motorized vehicles will be when the route shares a very small section with a service road being a few hundred meters which happens approximately 4 times, and when you have to cross a road en route, and when you travel through Newport town and down in to Achill.  Sometimes there may also be a council repair vehicle engaged in maintenance.

Q:  Where can we eat/drink?

A:  There are several places to take refreshments in Newport, Mulranny and Achill and you will find plenty of accommodation in those places as well.  Or if you wish there is a service station at the entrance to our premises and a sandwich shop a few hundred meters away so you can stock up well for your trip without stopping off anywhere. Also the Greenway has several toilet stop facilities along it’s route so all ok there.