Westport Greenway

The Great Western Greenway Westport To Achill Cycle Route

The Great Western Greenway is a designated cycling & walking route which travels from Westport to Achill Island partly around Clew Bay but through some of the most stunning scenery Ireland has to offer. This cycling route has been a flagship example to the West of Ireland as to what could be done, and it has to be fair to say that the great success of this walking and cycling route has spurred on the progress of other such routes throughout the country. The Great Western Greenway is being expanded or joined continuously with sections around the route being joined up with newer nearby routes from other areas all the time.

Great Western Greenway Route


The original Westport to Achill section is built partly along an disused old Victorian railway which was built in Victorian times starting in 1887 when Ireland was starting to modernise it’s transport routes.

This new railway was intended to bring employment to remote areas such as Achill Island with this as what was then new modern day transport. Unfortunately it had the opposite effect as the locals were not prepared to wait and it allowed the people of Achill and the surrounding areas to quickly escape their poor quality lives for a better standard of living elsewhere. For those that remained the railway was a great success on their part even though over the years the population of the area reduced further due to emigration, and the employment needed never really materialised.


But it was the success of a newer form of transport that sealed this railways fate which was the motor car. So over the years this now old railway became unprofitable and was eventually ripped up.

Today with the help of the land owners and millions of euro this old railway track has now become part of the most exciting thing to happen in this area for years and has already been a huge success by bringing in tens of thousands of tourists who enjoy the breathtaking Great Western Greenway cycling and walking route.

The Great Western Greenway cycle and walking route has to be seen and experienced not read about, so come on down here to Westport and get Greenway cycling. It is breathtaking and a fantastic way to spend a few hours to a whole weekend.

Achill Island Greenway

On the Greenway you will travel through unique picture postcard West of Ireland towns and villages surrounded by wild mountain ranges, bog land and seascapes.

The latest survey carried out on this exceptional cycling and walking trek is that in the month of August there can be around 400 people using the routes, but because the Greenway is so large you would hardly notice that anywhere near that many peopleare around. It just shows you what a great idea the Greenway has been simply because it is so popular.

The Great Western Greenway is in total 42km long of fine gravel and smooth tarmac which has been purposely built solely for walkers and cyclists. There are no cars allowed although you will need to cross a road a few times but these cross points are well designed and marked.

Wild Moorland

This Western Greenway route takes you from Westport to Achill via Newport and Mulranny through stunning countryside from between Westport to Achill and is divided in to three sections if you require depending on how fit or how much time you have.

Our Western Greenway Bike Hire shop is actually situated right next to the Westport Greenway section of this fantastic cycling route, and we can supply visitors with all types of rental bicycles and equipment.

Westport to Newport Trail 11km

This journey is a gentle ambling ride from the bustling award winning tourist town of Westport through the small West of Ireland patchwork rural farmland over small rivers and streams.

It is an easy route to cycle which crosses the Westport to Newport road at one point and takes you straight in to Newport town centre.

Greenway Trail

Newport to Mulranny Trail 18km

This route takes you from the small river based coastal town of Newport. Starting off in rural farmland, through the wide open wilderness of wild moor and bog with the Nephin Beg mountain ranges to the right and small patchwork fields leading down to the sea to your left. Along most of this route there are stunning coastal views, but it does have a high spot where it requires a little more stamina to cycle towards the end at Mulranny.  You can if you wish dismount your bike and walk at any time. On windy days you can be open to a few gusts so wrap up warm.

Mulranny to Achill Trail 13km

Mulranny which is spelt many different ways as you will soon find out is a small white washed village over looking sprawling sandy beaches. The cycling route takes you through wild moor and bog land which is unique to the West of Ireland with the larger Nephin Beg mountain range behind you and Achill islands rocky wild landscape on both sides of you with small coastal inlets to your right before you reach the village of Achill Sound. This part of the route is pretty flat and easy until you reach Achill where you will travel on the road for the last few km’s.  Again on windy days you can feel the gusts a little so wrap up warm.

The total Great Western Greenway route is 42km.

The scenery is stunning !! …. The air is clean !! …. And It Is Absolutely Free !!

See photo’s from the Greenway


Not Forgetting Most Importantly Our Greenway Friends

Westport and Clew Bay is one of the best places to visit in Ireland and this part of the country has to be Irelands top activity area.

There are various people who deserve credit for this success some are the areas business men and women who strive to bring more and more visitors to this tourist hotspot.

But a few politicians actually got involved with the local landowners who through their goodwill and foresight gave permission for the Greenway to be built across their land.

It is the Western Greenway landowners who we thank for their continued co-operation in keeping this cycle route open so please show your appreciation to these people by not causing them any problems.

Keep only on the Greenway. – If you need to open then close any gates behind you. – Please take your rubbish home with you – Please respect the property and livestock you see and pass when enjoying the Greenway.