Westport Cycle Routes

Cycling Routes Westport Amd The Surrounding Area

The Great Western Greenway

Cycling Route Type:

Leisure off road cycling.

This cycling and walking route is only a few years old and has quickly become a favourite with all who walk or ride the routes from Westport to Achill.

It is 42km long in total and set in three stages if you desire. World class and stunning are probably two words to describe it.

The three stages which are – Westport to Newport. – Newport to Mulranny. – Mulranny to Achill.

All these stages are mainly off-road cycling routes.

Great Western Greenway Cycle Route


Westport To Leenane or Leenaun.

Cycling Route Type:

Route 1: Leisure road cycling with some hills.
Route 2: Leisure and hard road cycling with some hills and a few extreme parts.
Route 3: Leisure and hard road cycling with many hilly parts.

The Westport to the gateway of Connemara routes can be cycled in three different road routes each of them of different lengths and for different physical abilities.

It must be remembered that some of these routes are through very wild countryside with no amenities and the weather can be changeable with little notice. But this isn’t to put you off in any way because these cycle routes go through stunning scenery, but if the weather looks like it could change you should be prepared with suitable clothing, lighting and if needed some refreshments, as some places are very remote and assistance could be along time coming

Because of the physical side of some of these routes, some parts of these routes are used in cycling competitions so if you find some areas too much you can easily walk but please allow time for this.

Westport to Leenane Cycle Routes