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Keeping something for everyone is very hard but we try our best and if we haven’t got it in stock then we will try our best to get it for you.

Bike Sales

At any one time we have in stock these types of bikes for sale :-

Touring/Road bicycles

Racing bicycles

Hybrid bicycles
Electric bicycles
Mountain/Trail bicycles
Children’s bicycles
Cycling accessories – helmets – clothing – lighting etc
Cycling energy food and drinks

Bike Sales


Brand names such as-



Claud Butler

Electric bicycles

Our main Electric bikes at present which are extremely popular for sales and hire are Kalkhoff and BH-Emotion Electric bikes. These are exceptional and very reliable bikes, but more major bike manufacturers are increasing their model ranges so watch this space as we will have the best of what becomes available in all types and models.

Electric Bikes

It has to be said that once you try riding an electric bicycle, you immediately want one ! They are simply addictive because they are so much fun to ride. So come down as soon as you have time and test ride what is a great simple invention.

Sporting bicycles

As you can see above all the top brands on sale here at the Westport Bike Shop. We are involved in competition racing ourselves so know what we are talking about when we offer bikes for sale to any novice or seasoned bike rider.

Back to work scheme

Westport Bike Shop is also part of the “Back To Work” bike scheme and supplies bicycles of your choice to those of you who decide to participate. So if this scheme applies to you, all you need to do is come down and fill in the forms and when all is settled, you can ride away on your dream bicycle.

Used & Ex-Rental bikes and equipment for sale

We also have a small section of secondhand bikes which are our fully serviced ex-hire bicycles which we sell at the end of the year as we replace them with new ones annually. We will let you know when these become available in our “News” section of this website.

Also we have a fully off road enclosed 700 m2 car park where you can safely test ride any bicycle you may be interested in purchasing. Then we can adjust to suit and you will know and we will be sure that the bike fits you before you leave.