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The Westport Bike Shop now offers a full bike repair and service facility using our own fully equipped repair workshop.

Our skilled bike mechanic prides himself on not letting any bike leave the premises unless it is 100% which is only right.

Bike Repairs

The repair and service facility is always in operation because of local people bringing their bikes in for a total overhaul or just a bit of maintenance, but also now that this area is the activity center of Ireland there are endless races and meetings taking place here so there is always someone with some simple adjustments or major repair that need undertaking. Also there are our hire bikes which need to be kept in tip-top condition, so basically we never stop. Just give us a call and we can give you a full quote for whatever you need and our prices are very reasonable.

Bike Spares

Bike Alterations

Occasionally because of our good name in the service and repair department we do get asked to customize a “special” bike, so if you have any ideas on a “special build” for yourself, just let us know and all costs will be quoted for to your satisfaction.

Because we are involved at competition level ourselves, we understand and have great experience in competition bicycles of all kinds as we should because we also sell them. Besides our normal work, the latest sporting designs are always appearing to us on a regular basis. So if you are looking for an experienced workshop who can undertake work on the latest specification of gears, brakes and wheels then the Westport Bike Shop is the place for your sporting bike.

Hey for those of you who prefer to maintain their own bikes, then we have a good selection of standard bicycle parts for sale and if we haven’t got the part you require in stock then just ask and we will try our best to get them for you ASAP.

Westport Bike Shop

Westport Bike Shop

Special 10 Part Service

Here is an example of the totally unique bike service you can expect from us:-

  1. Check overall condition and test for any wear or damage to the bike and bike parts.
  2. Check for any alignment problems and wear of wheels, gears, hubs, spokes and tyres. Replace and adjust where needed.
  3. Brake test of all parts for wear and alignment including discs and cables. Replace and adjust where needed.
  4. Clean and degrease all components to assess condition of chain, sprockets and all drive mechanisms.
  5. If no replacements are needed then re-grease/lubricate and adjust for peak performance. If replacements are needed then replace and adjust for peak performance.
  6. Check forks, seat, handlebars and adjust where needed.
  7. Any added fittings for example lights etc are cleaned inspected and replaced or repaired where needed.
  8. All nuts, bolts and allen headed bolts are checked and re-tightened where needed.
  9. Complete re-clean and wipe down ready for return to customer.
  10. Customer test around our enclosed car park/bike test area and any final adjustments to suit their requirements.